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Callen-Lenz is a market-leading UK SME delivering operationally proven capabilities, bespoke platforms, rapid prototyping and avionics, as well as complementary technical consultancy for uncrewed and crewed aviation.

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Callen-Lenz designs, develops, and manufactures novel Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) in-house, providing cutting-edge capabilities to suit customer mission requirements. We harness the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, which enables us to deliver disruptive solutions at pace for uncrewed systems that require high levels of functionality, availability, and safety.

We have the ability to draw experience from the design, manufacture, and operation of multiple aircraft types which enables us to define, develop, and deliver innovative technical solutions for our customers. We are laying the foundation for transformational capabilities across the industry, pioneering the future of autonomous technology.

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We are specialists in the rapid development of platforms including multi-rotor, fixed-wing, electric, hybrid, internal combustion and jet. We have multiple platforms under development, in house to support evolving customer requirements, ranging from micro UAS to Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) aircraft.

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SkyCircuits is a wholly owned subsidiary of Callen-Lenz, specialising in the design and development of high integrity, flexible avionics, autopilots and mission management systems for uncrewed aviation.


Operational Services

We have a history of delivering reliable, repeatable, international UAS service operations since 2008. Our team of expert test pilots have extensive knowledge and passion for aircraft operations, with expertise ranging across rotary wing, and fixed wing aircraft across civil and military applications.

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Technical Services

Bringing novel concepts to life, our consultancy work brings ground up, in-house development to projects from sub 10 kg to 1800 kg to deliver uncrewed autonomous systems technology for clients internationally. We will provide up-to-date advice and support to clients that seek experienced independent input from qualified staff.

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