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Technical Services

The technical services business stream underpins our understanding of market requirements and supports testing and scoping solutions for a broad range of customers and applications.

Our staff have extensive knowledge and credible experience across crewed and uncrewed aircraft design, development, manufacture, production, delivery and test & evaluation and regulatory compliance. Our uncrewed experience includes rotary, fixed wing and hybrid design operations, from sub 10kg to 1800kg platforms for customers across the globe.

Our knowledge across the crewed and uncrewed aviation landscape, and delivery of operationally proven systems enables us to offer our clients unbiased advice and support to optimise programmes, reduce risk and deliver pioneering technical solutions.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to achieve shared goals and trust, perfectly placing us to define, develop and deliver cutting edge bespoke design based off customer requirements.

Engineering machinery
Camera component

Focused System Development

Complex procurement and technical development programmes surrounding robotics and aviation are some of the most demanding areas to work in.

Our staff have extensive knowledge in the initiation and delivery of large scale multi-million-pound programmes, alongside a track record of delivering to budget against stringent timescales.

We believe that combining our practical and executive knowledge in the field, to view our systems from three key perspectives – the end user, the independent assessor, and the prime contractor – enables us to offer our clients unbiased advice and support to optimise programmes, reduce risk, and guarantee cost savings.

Working with partners we will deliver a capability solution, not just an air vehicle.

Flight Dynamics Modelling

Systems Integration

Structural Analysis

Safety Case Development

Support Solutions


Command & Control


GNSS Degraded Navigation Solutions

Opportunity Requirements Capture

Secure Data Link

If you have technology that will enhance our products or our products will enhance your technology please get in touch.

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Operational Services

We have a history of delivering reliable, repeatable, international UAS service operations since 2008. From military ISR to forestry and forensic survey, CL have been at the forefront of defining new utility for commercially operated UAS.


We specialise in the design and development of autopilots and avionics for uncrewed and crewed aviation; all underpinned by in-house software development teams.


We are specialists in the rapid development of platforms including multi-rotor, fixed-wing, helicopter, electric, hybrid, internal combustion and jet. We have multiple platforms under development, in house to support evolving customer requirements.