Class of 2023

Koios with our class of 2023 interns

What were your placement highlights:

During our placement, we rotated across three different business functions, which enabled us to get an excellent understanding of how the company operates and have an opportunity to apply our skills to functions outside our degree discipline. Anyone looking to do a placement year in the future, we would strongly recommend doing one where you can rotate; it gives you a broader set of skills and an understanding of the wider business.

Additionally, as an intern at Callen-Lenz, you are given a high level of responsibility and trusted to lead on solo tasks, applying the theoretical skills gained at university to a variety of innovative projects during the year.

What were your biggest achievements over the past year?

Making a positive impact on a wide variety of tasks, seeing the difference you make, and supporting the design and manufacture of novel, cutting-edge innovations. Callen-Lenz is an extremely inclusive and enjoyable work environment; everyone is very passionate about what they are doing, from young talent with bright new ideas to highly experienced members of the workforce with years of aviation knowledge.

What has a placement taught you that can be applied to your final-year studies?

The skills we have learned over our placement year can be put into context for the final two years of studies. We will go back to university with a strong understanding of the importance of fostering a healthy working environment and how a close-knit team can work together to achieve a common goal.

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