Callen-Lenz Spotlight Series

Our employee spotlight series gives us the chance to shine a light on our excellent team, who are together shaping the future of aerospace. This week, we hear from Technical Sales Manager Jon Perry, who reflects on how he got started in the aerospace industry and the importance of his role within Business Development.

For my whole life, I’ve been around aeroplanes. This is in no small part down to my dad, whose career as a commercial pilot has meant I’ve been around airfields and manned aviation for as long as I can remember. It seemed only natural that my early exposure to flying model planes at the age of 6 would lead to a lifelong passion for aviation. Little did I know that my hobby would soon become my profession…  

The first few years of my career were punctuated by stints abroad, working primarily as a UAV pilot. While this was an exciting time, I quickly learned my interests were on the business side of the industry; the opportunity to work in a business development role at Callen-Lenz was exactly the next step I was looking for.

When I joined Callen-Lenz just over a year ago, we had 70 employees. Now we have 150. The growth of the company over the last year has been incredible, and as we’ve expanded, I’ve found myself at the cutting edge of UAS technology, shaping the future of aerospace with every sale made. I am particularly proud of being part of a UK sovereign SME, right at the cutting edge of technology. The UK aviation industry is prized for its rich history, and consistently excellent quality of product. There is a real draw in working for the ‘home team’, playing an important part in UK military capability. In an industry dominated by primes, we stand tall as contributors to the nation's cutting-edge UAS capabilities. Many countries lack the capacity to build autonomous aeroplanes, making our role even more significant on the global stage.

Being part of the business development team, I have the opportunity to travel and break free from the confines of a constant 9-5 office routine. I am passionate about developing strategic relationships and fostering connections has become an integral part of my role, directly impacting the successful delivery of projects.


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Callen-Lenz Spotlight Series