Callen-Lenz Spotlight Series

Our Employee in the Spotlight series is a chance to highlight the impact our team members have on the success of Callen-Lenz. This week, we shine a light on Andy Wheatley, our Senior Avionics Systems Engineer, exploring his journey and what has inspired him throughout his career.

Andy’s passion for technology began at an early age; as a teenager, his love of video games led to an interest in the complex algorithms that lay behind them. Along with a penchant for sci-fi, Andy was inspired to explore a career in designing futuristic technology.

It was during his time at university that Andy’s fascination with aerospace technology ignited. After graduating with a Bachelors in mechanical engineering - and with his interest in control engineering piqued due to a university module - Andy pursued a Master's in Advanced Aeronautical Engineering. Recently, Andy obtained his Chartered Engineering Accreditation, reflecting his capabilities on both the engineering and business sides of the industry.

Andy’s journey into the world of UAVs began during his tenure at Rolls Royce Aerospace; intrigued by colleagues who flew drones as a hobby, he delved into understanding the intricacies of UAVs. His curiosity drove him to explore how the various components of UAVs come together to enable autonomous flight.

Joining Callen-Lenz was a transition that allowed Andy to engage in more hands-on problem-solving, enabling him to witness the direct impact of his work and experience the incredible variety Callen-Lenz has to offer. In his current role at Callen-Lenz, Andy is responsible for designing and implementing electronic systems for a diverse range of UAVs. His tasks encompass everything from autopilots and radios to satellite communication systems, cameras, and power systems. Andy emphasises the critical role of collaboration in aerospace engineering; he also highlights the importance of capturing the needs of all stakeholders in the design process, including customers, business development teams, technical engineering teams, and operators.

Andy also offers some valuable advice for aspiring engineers: the significance of gaining practical experience through internships and personal projects, especially when starting a career can’t be underestimated. Demonstrating problem-solving skills and applying theoretical knowledge from university studies to real-world scenarios can set aspiring engineers apart in a competitive field.

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