HR Department in Focus

Our Department in Focus series shines a light on the departments which contribute to the success of Callen-Lenz. This month, Head of HR Sally Olivier and HR Assistant Liv Corbett reflect on how the Human Resources team plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of aerospace.

Sally was drawn to Callen-Lenz by the SME setting, where she could lead the HR department independently and build a team from the ground-up. For Liv, the prospect of harnessing her skills in a new environment, one characterised by rapid growth and a vibrant culture, was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.     

Unlike larger corporations that tend to pigeonhole their staff, working at Callen-Lenz allows employees to tap into a broad spectrum of their skills, working in an environment where technical candidates can contribute to cutting-edge projects and witness their impact first-hand. The flexibility afforded to employees in shaping their roles and taking ownership of their contributions is why Callen-Lenz is such an attractive prospect for candidates and is what has helped us grow 40% year on year since 2019.

As we are based in a rural location, you’d think attracting top talent would be a challenge, but we’ve found the type of work we do to really excite candidates. Candidates and employees are drawn not just by the opportunity to work on the cutting-edge of aviation technology, but by the opportunity to engage with the entire lifecycle of projects. Graduates, in particular, benefit from exposure to a wide range of skills and the opportunity to oversee the entire product life cycle—a unique experience not easily found elsewhere.

As we look to the future, the company is poised for further high-speed growth. With a goal of reaching 200 employees by 2024, the team is committed to refining processes and enhancing the candidate experience. The company has already assembled a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals who are committed to sharing their expertise, and we’re looking to further this as we grow at speed.

Perhaps what sets Callen-Lenz apart is its sense of community. With active social groups and a close-knit, friendly atmosphere, we foster a vibrant sense of belonging. The journey that the company has embarked upon unites everyone in a common purpose. Collaboration and mutual support are the hallmarks of the work environment, with employees at all levels working together to overcome challenges and shape the future of aerospace.

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